• SynchroStor:
    the energy storage system the world needs

  • SynchroStor:
    the energy storage system the world needs

Energy storage is a global requirement

Renewable generation such as wind and solar already displace large amounts of fossil fuel-based energy, reducing our green house gas emissions.

Renewables are the fastest-growing source of power generation, but their variable nature and limitations in grid infrastructure reduces their potential impact.

To reach the energy transition goals set by governments around the world, significant energy storage capacity will be required.

With a patented new approach for Pumped Thermal Energy Storage (PTES), the engineers at SynchroStor are developing the energy storage technology the energy transition really needs.

Making use of abundant, locally-sourced, non-strategic material, the technology can be deployed at large scale without straining the Earth’s resources, supporting local economies for a just and clean energy transition.

A novel solution to address the market

By using synchronous generators and with full reversibility capability in tens of millisecond, the system can help stabilize grids of any size. With its modular approach and with no hazardous materials or processes, the PTES can be installed virtually anywhere and adapt to the needs of customers with power requirements ranging from 1MW to hundreds of MW.

The storage depth is completely decoupled and can be specified in almost any number of MWh.

Funding Announcement

SynchroStor are delighted to share news of the LODES Phase 2 funding award from DESNZ. This support allows us to scale up the R&D effort and accelerate our route to demonstrating the technology. Pumped thermal electricity storage will be a game-changer not just for the renewables sector: we believe innovation here can open up a wide range of new value propositions beyond electricity storage.